Tents in nice places – The Lake District

by backpackingbongos

I love wild camping so thought that I would post a selection of places I have called home for a night.

Sampsons Stones (June 2003)


Low Birker Tarn (June 2003)


Above Dunnerdale (May 2004)


Above Calf Cove (May 2005)


Glencoyne Head (June 2004)


Grisedale Tarn (June 2004)


Langstrath (Aug 2005)


Harrison Combe (Aug 2005)



14 Comments to “Tents in nice places – The Lake District”

  1. nice selection of pictures James. I take it the Akto is yours then? 🙂

  2. Yep my tent is the Akto – probably the best bit of kit I have brought.

  3. The Akto is a nice shade of green for that environment.
    I, too, have one. It worked well in the snow last year.

  4. Great photos! What do you like best about the Akto as looking for a new tent?

  5. Hi Paul. The best things about the Akto is stability and reliability. I have had it for nearly ten years and it has never let me down. Have had in winds so strong I could barely stand and it took it. Downside is that not as light as some and pretty expensive!

    • Hi again and sorry it has taken me one year to get back to you! I never got the ‘ping’ email notification to your reply:-) I still have not bought the tent yet. I have looked at several but the floor lining looks awfully inadequate which would probably tear easily on rough ground. Are you pleased with the floor material on the Akto?

      • Hi Paul, I have never had a problem with the floor material on the Akto as it is pretty bombproof. It is still hole and leak proof. However I am pretty careful where I pitch it and always clear the ground of sharp objects.

  6. Wow nice camping place and tents you got here.

    That must have been so fun. Well honestly, I think camping is a nice way of unwinding and relaxing.

  7. I have read some posts and i am going to add this blog to my RSS feed reader.

  8. Thinking about it, the smallest of the above tents looks very similar to the one Lars Monsen uses? Tried to check it out on his equipment page, but it appears that his website is down at the moment 😦

    Cheers, Paul

  9. Hi, the one in pictures 6 & 7 🙂

  10. Thanks. I have just checked it out online. A bit pricey, but some great reviews on the Ray Mears site 🙂

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