Tents in bleak places – The Pennines

by backpackingbongos

The post tents in nice places seemed to go down well so here is the follow up – tents in bleak places!

Peak District – My favourite spot on Bleaklow (Nov 2005) – can’t tell you where it is!



Yorkshire Dales – Gunnerside Gill (April 2007)


Good morning…………………


Yorkshire Dales – Jeffery Pot Scar (May 2006)


North Pennines – Near High Cup (Aug 2003)


South Pennines – Blackstone Edge (Jan 2006)



Yorkshire Dales – Long Crags looking towards Garsdale (July 2005)


with breakfast on a misty morning


Yorkshire Dales – Below Wild Boar Fell (July 2005)


Yorkshire dales – The misty summit of Great Coum (July 2005)


Yorkshire Dales – In the valley of Mossdale Beck (Sept 2003)


Yorkshire Dales – Half way up Fountains Fell (Feb 2004)


The Howgill Fells – The head of Langdale (Jan 2007).  And yes I know that the Howgills are not really the Pennines!



10 Comments to “Tents in bleak places – The Pennines”

  1. Can’t wait to get the backpacking tent out again!

  2. That top pic looks a chilly morning…how cold was it?

  3. Andy

    Not sure what the temperature was but it was well below freezing. Whilst I was putting the tent up in the evening (well more like just after lunch as it was dark by 4.00pm) frost was forming on it. My water bottle froze and the inner tent was frosty as well!

  4. Hello. Just come across your blog following a mention on Martin’s. It seems very interesting – have now bookmarked in Google Reader. Found this post and others on the Yorks Dales interesting. It’s close to home for me but not an area I’ve really thought much about for backpacking. Must rethink that and try out a few places.

  5. Cheers for you comments Phil. Yorkshire Dales are great for backpacking, the only problem being finding suitable water supplies.

  6. hi, i am going to walk the pennine way from north to south and want to know all of your tips and advice if you can please, cos am stayin in a tent and most people i have read have not, plus i need to know how much food gas and other stuff to take, so if you dont mind could you drop me an e mail please cos that would be great, anyway thanks for your time and the photos look cold but great

  7. Hi Jonny. I have as yet not walked the Pennine way, although have done a fair bit in sections over the years. So not sure what advice to give you! If there is anything specific that you want to know, give me a shout and I will do my best to help.

  8. Wow just came across this blog on a search for the Pennine Way. Great pics, makes we want to backpack camp again.

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