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April 2, 2009

The big trip 04/05 – India part 1

by backpackingbongos

As well as backpacking my other passion is travelling (often also called backpacking).  I can remember Cameron McNeish getting his pants in a twist a few years back in a TGO editorial about when the terms get confused.  Anyway the title of this blog has got backpacking in it so I thought I would write about both!

I have been lucky enough to be able to do 3 big trips since leaving university.  The first was a 3 month trip to India, I was hooked on travelling after that.  After working for a couple of years I packed up my job and spent 9 months travelling through India, Nepal, Thailand and Malaysia with my partner.  I thought that I had got the bug out of my system but 2 years later we found ourselves once again handing in our notice, renting out the house and jetting off for another 9 months.  We visited India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Indonesia.  We kept a travel journal via email and it is that which I will over time copy onto this blog.

The tone may sometimes be negative, but it was much easier writing about the hassles we were having rather than saying everything was lovely!  There will be a section from our emails followed by photos.  Anyway here goes……………………………………………….

Hot and sweaty in India – 6th September 2004

Hi guys,

After all those months of saving, we have finally made it!

Gulf Air managed to eventually get us to india after two very hectic changes. One involved getting off the plane in Muscat, being herded around and shouted at and then being put back on the same plane! Plane full of very excited Indians returning home after working in the Gulf for a year.

Dehli was very hot sweaty and smelly as usual (36C and 83% humidity) we always forget just how hectic and filthy it really is. Good to see that the cows are still there though. Spent two days being curry buckets and buying train tickets.

On friday we got a posh train upto Haridwar, then a local bus to Rishikesh. Times have changed in India since our last visit – even on the local buses there are mobile phones ringing!

We now find ourselves at High Bank about two miles above Rishikesh with a stunning view of the Ganges. Corrina has been doing Indian Toilet Yoga (not very spiritual) whilst James has had a nice fever. May try and leave our hotel soon! Watching the local monkey wrestle with their pet dog. Unusually both are fit and healthy.

We have our flight booked to Leh in Ladakh on the 10th – looking forward to cool mountain air. Trying to get ourselves nice and healthy because we land at 3500 metres – going to be an experience!

Will email later


Rickshaw and Thali

Outside our hotel in Delhi in an area called Paharganj
Looking up the Ganges towards the foothills of the Himalaya – Rishikesh
A cow crosses the Ganges
Off to the Mountains – 9th September 2004
Just a quick one whilst we pass the time waiting for our flight in a few hours.

Rishikesh was a nice break despite the fact that we were both a bit ill. Our last night was enlivened by a troup of very large Langurs who played havoc with our hotel – large male came within inches of where we were sitting – we quickly retreated! Rishikesh is a laid back temple town, lots of cows, sadhus etc with the river Ganges flowing down from the Himalayas.

Came back last night on one of Indias posher trains. We got fed every five minutes till stuffed. First time in air conditioning for a week. A 200 mile trip with food cost all of five pounds.

Dehli has got much hotter – now 38C and very very humid. Our room is like a sweat box – effort to do anything. Just had another lovely curry (big fat curry buckets) in a very good restaurant.

Must go, need to be up for our flight at 2.30am – both very excited but nervous at landing at such high altitude. Will email when we get back to Delhi in a few weeks.

Take care

Paneer and Chutney

PS does any one know who Rick Shaw is? He always seems to be behind us!