Off into the wild………..

by backpackingbongos

Well the time has finally come.

My rucksack is now packed for my Northern Highland coast to coast walk.  It is the heaviest it has been for years as I will be self sufficient for 6 days on the crossing.  All that food and fuel has meant it weighs a mighty 16kg and I have not even put my water bottle in yet!

Really looking forward to crossing and sleeping in some of the remotest areas that Scotland has to offer.

See you on the other side…………………..

8 Comments to “Off into the wild………..”

  1. Have fun. I look forward to reading your account on your return.

  2. Hope you have a good trip to Scotland.

    Just found your great blog, look like we were in the Black mountains at the same time.

  3. Thanks Swanscot and Ben. Just got back, had a great time. Will post soon….

    Ben, your site looks good. Have added you to my blogroll.

  4. Hi there, I recently came across your blog and really enjoyed reading the trip report from the Evanton to Ullapool trip. A friend and I have been wanting to do a multi day trek in Scotland for a while and are considering the latter part of the Cape Wrath Trail. Transport issues are making this a little difficult in the time frames we have so I’m not thinking about a similar crossing to yours. I’ve got the maps out but wondered if you could provide some info by email?

    Many thanks

  5. Hi Marcus, no problem providing any info you need. Let me know what you are after and I can email stuff to you.

  6. Hi James. The dealio is that a friend and I wanted to do a chunk of the Cape Wrath Trail, but time and transport are proving to be a challenge! My thoughts then steered towards a ‘short’ east to west crossing and then I came across your posts. We’re hoping to complete in 5 days to return from Ullapool to Inverness on the 6th. The route of chosen is pretty much as yours to get the best of the wilderness.

    My main question was about re-supply and if there was any opportunity to send up food parcels along the way. I think we’d only be looking at one pickup but from my maps and your trip report I can see few chances without detours.

  7. Marcus
    There is not much out there if you take the route that I did. The only places that I can suggest are the Aultguish a couple of miles west of Black bridge on the A835 which has a bunk house, they may take a parcel. Roughly about 5 miles off the route that I walked. There is also a hotel at Oykel bridge to the north on the A837 but a huge huge detour there, and it is a bit on the posh side.

    I would recommend trying to be self sufficient for the 5 days as your pack will only get lighter each day! Gives a greater sense of isolation if you don’t cross any roads or see any people. I was suprised that you can get mobile signal on some of the peaks out there (none in any of the valleys). Have a great trip and if you need any further info just let me know.

  8. Yes, very much as I suspected. I don’t think it would be too difficult to carry 5 days worth but it means being a little tougher on the luxuries. I noted that there is the Inchbae Lodge a few miles off the track from Strathrannoch so that might be an option. Its not so much the food that’s the issue, I’m thinking more about resupply on whisky!

    Details on the mobile signal is useful for mobile blogging and checking in at home so there’s been a better excuse for climbing some big ones!

    Thanks again.

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