Where to go next?

by backpackingbongos

Within a few days of returning from my Evanton to Ullapool coast to coast I was already feeling a bit restless.  It can be a strange feeling returning from a trip that you have been planning for a long time, with nothing else planned.  I was only home a few days and I was getting the urge to pack my rucksack and head into the wilds again.  Time to plan some more trips!

I am really glad that I have got mapping software on my computer (Anquet) as it means I can have a look immediately at an area I am thinking of visiting.  I can spend many a happy hour plotting and planning new routes.  I have decided that next weekend I will be taking the campervan to mid Wales to hopefully escape the bank holiday crowds.  Will look for a quiet place in the hills to park up for a couple of nights and use the van as a base.  It will be nice to have the luxury of a comfy bed, loads of food, music and books!  There are a couple of wild areas I have always wanted to explore a bit more.

Will be going to the lakes for the first time in 6 months at the beginning of June for a backpacking weekend.  If the weather is good the plan is to Bivvy on a mountain top, if the weather is not so good we will camp on a mountain top!  Not sure where to go yet, whenever I go to the Lakes I am shocked just how busy it is.  So may go for one of the quieter corners.  Or I could just join the hordes and go up Striding Edge where I have not been yet.  A good excuse to get the maps out again.

Finally in the first two weeks of July I will be taking the campervan to Ireland with my partner.  Never been before so looking forward to exploring somewhere completely new.  Rough plan is a short visit to County Wicklow before heading west to Connemara for a few days.  We will then be travelling to Achill Island via County Mayo.  Achill Island looks stunning with white sandy beaches and the highest sea cliffs in Ireland where one side of the mountain Croaghaun drops 664m straight into the sea.

So more maps to buy!

7 Comments to “Where to go next?”

  1. Striding Edge is great and if you walk on a bit longer the crowds thin out. Arrive late and wildcamp on the summit.

  2. Kirk Fell makes for a nice bivvy with morning and eveing views of wasdale and great gable. Even in the busiest corners of the lakes, in my experience, if yoy stay high, the crowds head down and you get the place to yourself.

  3. Your both right about the crowds thining out in the evening – people seem to like to walk 9 to 5. Bivvied on the Langdale pikes one summer and I had the hills to myself. Imagine my shock when I awoke to streams of people walking past my bivvy spot in the morning!

  4. Great photos. I can completely understand that restless feeling. I just got back from a trip myself and I’m acting like a bear. I need to go out again soon.

  5. I get that restless feeling as soon as I get in the car for the drive home!

  6. We’ll probably be in some liitle known corner of mid Wales that weekend, the forecast looks better than further north. I think the Lakes are far too busy for us from now until September, besides the area is wearing a bit thin.
    Bivvying on Helvellyn anywhere near the summer solstice is asking for company…

  7. Geoff, I think we may well end up in upper Eskdale, somewhere around the Great Moss. Hopefully a bit of peace there?
    I will be in mid wales this weekend trying to avoid the Bank Holiday scrum.

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