Two weeks in Sutherland – a photographic diary

by backpackingbongos

In June 2007 I took myself in our battered old Rover for a solo two week tour of the far north of Scotland.  I mostly stayed in campsites fitting in day walks around fairly wet weather.  I did manage a two day backpack around the Sandwood bay area but that will be the subject of another post in the future.  Rather than bore you with what I did, here is a photographic record of the trip.

Ascending the steep slopes of Ben More Coigach

North Scotland - June 07 026

Ben More Coigach summit ridge

North Scotland - June 07 027

North Scotland - June 07 029

Looking north towards Stac Pollaidh

North Scotland - June 07 036

Approaching Suileag bothy

North Scotland - June 07 043

Achnahaird campsite – end of June and look at all that space!

North Scotland - June 07 049

The beach next to Achnahaird campsite

North Scotland - June 07 021

Suilven from Fionn Loch

North Scotland - June 07 089

View along Suilven summit ridge

North Scotland - June 07 072

It was a long day to get to the summit and back from Inverkirkaig

North Scotland - June 07 083

Looking towards Scourie village

North Scotland - June 07 117

Scourie campsite

North Scotland - June 07 171

Midnight view from my tent

North Scotland - June 07 185

Corrieshalloch gorge

North Scotland - June 07 186

16 Comments to “Two weeks in Sutherland – a photographic diary”

  1. Fab!!!

  2. Words don’t do justice to views like that. I will try with amazing.

  3. Fantastic! Was up that way only a few weeks ago so great to see some of the views I missed.

  4. Great to see these pictures. I love NW Sutherland. Sandwood Bay is a magic place.

    Suilven is a lovely, long, walk isn’t it? I felt it an especially long day, on account of forgetting two pieces of kit. One, I left the footbeds from my boots at home as after the previous trip I took them out for a very rare washing. Then that morning I left my packed lunch sitting on the kitchen table at Achmelvich YH. Lunch that day consisted of a 6-months old, opened half packet of nuts and raisins, and the ‘Emergency’ Mars bar that permanently lives at the the bottom of the rucksack. I don’t know how old this was, but it certainly looked fusty and tasted strange!

  5. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland but i’m at a loss of where to start!

    So where would you suggest to go for say a weeks car camping to a Scottish Newbie.

    Great site BTW a great read.

  6. Hi Paul
    You will not be disappointed if you spend a week in Scotland. What would you be planning to do? Are you looking for something off of the beaten track or just great mountain scenery?
    If you have never been before you cannot go wrong with Glen Coe, stunning mountains and a great campsite at the Red Squirrel. The clachaig Inn is a couple of minutes walk too.
    Off the beaten track a bit is Applecross, you get to drive over the steepest highest road in Scotland to get there. Some stunning beaches, mountains and a really good campsite in the village.
    Cairngorms are a good destination, loads to do and forest campsites. Shame Aviemore is a bit of a dump but everything you need there.
    The list is endless!

  7. Thanks a lot for the info.

    Ah Applecross was on TV It was where that guy setup in a crofter cottage for 6 months wasnt it.

    I suppose I’m after some nice mountains/loch to walk around. And maybe a wildcamp from a night or two.

    Someone mention Glen Coe to me aswell.

  8. You cant beat this area, its magical. I really enjoyed your photos, especially of Suilven, my fav mountain. Thanks.

  9. Thanks Niki, glad that you liked the photos. It certainly is a stunning area.

  10. I’m incredibly jealous! The photos are amazing, and hopefully someday I’ll be able to follow in your footsteps and go backpacking around the world. That’s actually on my bucket list to travel the world. I’m planning on doing it after I graduate college. Your site definitely showed me some beautiful places to go to! Please check out my blog to see what else I’m trying to cross off my bucket list, and hopefully someday you’ll see a post about me traveling the world! 🙂

  11. you said a fairly wet two weeks but the weather looks ok to me, last October we spent a full week cycling route 7 in a deluge.

  12. Looks amazing James – me and a mate are due to be heading up there in a couple of weeks. Did a search for ‘suileag bothy’ and your post came up 🙂

    • Hey Rich. Have a great time up there, the scenery is bloody stunning!

      • Only just saw your reply James. We did have a wonderful time,thanks. The weather smiled on us for 2 and a half days, but we got all our walking done only to retreat to the bothy when it all went crap. Wonderful part of the world.

      • Good to hear old chap 🙂

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