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May 22, 2009

Paid to go for a walk…………..

by backpackingbongos

A great day at work today as I had to go to the Peak District to risk assess a walk I will be leading next week.  Although permission had been granted by my manager it still felt like I was skiving off!  We parked up in Cromford and climbed a lovely path through the woods and across pastures to reach High Peak Junction.  A steady climb through fields led us to the trig point on top of Cromford Moor.  On the way up we had one of those heart in the mouths incidents with a herd of cows with calves in tow (they looked at us funny).  It took us a few minutes to find Black Rock as all of a sudden the Peak District is a lush verdant green and my navigation through woodland is rubbish.

Even on a Friday lunch time Black Rock had a fair few visitors inching their way towards the edge.  It is a shame that the view is dominated by one of the biggest noisiest quarries in the Peaks.  A quick dash down the High Peak Trail and we were soon back at the car in Cromford.  Took some photos but nothing special plus I have now packed my camera away for the weekend, can’t be bothered to plug into laptop etc.

Anyway, risk assessing a walk is a rather strange affair and looks a bit dangerous on paper.  Slips, trips, falls, stings, getting run over, getting squashed by cows, hyperthermia, sun burn, bad navigation.  Surely much safer in the office, but not as much fun.