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June 18, 2009

A new modified Akto

by backpackingbongos

After my moan about my experiences with my Laser Comp tent, Geoff from vg-backpacking offered to sell me his Akto which he does not use any more.  An internal battle then commenced in my head as I was already the proud owner of one.  However my old one is now over 10 years old and its age is beginning to show a bit, it does not have the upper vent and is on the heavy side at nearly 1800 grammes.  My gear hording tendencies won!

I spent this evening happily trying to pitch a tent on a bit of grass no bigger than a ten pence piece with the neighbours watching.  Although essentially the same as my old model this one felt like a different tent.  For a start it is nearly 300 grammes lighter which I put down to the difference in materials used in the flysheet.  In the old tent the fly is much thicker and has more of a matt finish to it, whilst the newer model has a slicker feel.  The door toggle appears to hold the door open much better as it is at least twice the size, and the guys are much thinner with a different locking mechanism.  Hopefully the upper vent will go some way towards helping with reducing condensation.

The best bit is the modification that Geoff had done to the inner.  He had the rectangular ends replaced with mesh to help with airflow within the inner tent.  Time will tell how much of a difference it will make to condensation but I like the idea of fresh air entering through the ends of the tent.  If I am sealed up in a tent I tend to feel a bit stuffy and claustrophobic and end up having to leave the inner door open, no good if there are midges about.  This should hopefully solve this problem for me.  A better description of this mod can be found here.

Cheers Geoff!