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July 12, 2009

Back from Ireland……………………

by backpackingbongos

I am feeling just a little bit tired after driving back from the west coast of Ireland yesterday, it was a bit much to do all in one day!

Ireland was stunning with the scenery on the west coast easily equaling that of the west coast of Scotland.  Pure white beaches and really wild and rugged mountains with not a person in sight.  Managed to get some superb mountain days in, some of the hardest roughest walking I have ever done, solitude and stunning scenery does not come cheap!  I even managed to persuade my non hill walking partner up a few of the easier hills, luckily she was also happy to be left on a beach whilst I disappeared for the odd day with some distant peak in sight.

You cannot escape the fact that Ireland is wet, actually it is very wet! (Connemara gets over 250 days of rain a year).  On our first week apparently there was a heatwave in the UK, this did not reach us and we had many cool days of mist and drizzle.  However the weather is always changing  and although it rained most days there would be the odd hour or two when the skies clear and the rocks sparkle in the sunshine.  It does make it the greenest place I have ever visited, the density of the plant growth looks almost tropical in places.  This in turn provided some of the toughest boggy grassland imaginable!

The weakness of the pound against the Euro at the moment does make it a really expensive place to visit, £2 for a loaf of bread and £4 a pint means that spending money does not go too far.  Plus try and find a campsite for less than £18 a night…………………

Some posts and photos to follow in the next couple of weeks, in the meantime one of me enjoying the view on top of Diamond hill in Connemara.