ULA Catalyst received

by backpackingbongos

Rather excited when I got back from work today.  There was a letter from Parcel force saying that I had a delivery from the States and there is a customs charge to pay.  So it was straight down to the depot to pick it up.  The downside is that I had to pay a £41 VAT and handling fee which I feel is a bit steep!  Its out of the box now and I have done a bit of modeling around the house, have to say that it looks great at first glance.  The weekend will no doubt be spent loading it with gear and running up and down the stairs!  Will probably post some photos of it in the next couple of days.


6 Comments to “ULA Catalyst received”

  1. Awesome, James! We want to see photos asap! My Ohm also got shipped already ;P

  2. ULA make great packs. On the Customs front, the Danish customs and tax people know how to charge as well.

    Enjoy your new pack

  3. It’s always exciting getting parcels. Helps balance out the despair from all the bills that fill my postbox on a daily basis.

    I’m finding Norwegian customs very hit and miss. Some stuff gets through undetected and some stuff gets whopping great charges added! It still works out cheaper in the long term to buy from abroad.

  4. Cheers guys. Its great to get comments from Finland, Denmark and Norway all on the same post! Would I be correct in assuming that outdoor gear is pretty expensive in those countries?

  5. Yes James, I can say that outdoor gear is very expensive in Finland. And there is not one shop which sells UL gear, you’re bound to sew yourself or shop abroad. And the few mainstream UL goodies, eg the NeoAir, cost a fortune here. So I’m really excited to get the Ohm soon =)

  6. I think the NeoAir in the local shops was the equivalent of £120….

    I mail ordered mine from Ultralight Outdoor Gear in the UK, got knobbled by customs (a hit and miss occurrence) and still got it for nearly half price.

    This coming winter I’m hoping to get a Rab Neutrino down jacket that retails over here for the equivalent of £450…

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