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July 31, 2009

Bothy hunting and new gear in the North Pennines

by backpackingbongos

I am just waiting for the Friday rush hour madness to finish so I can hit the the A1 to the North Pennines.  Hopefully at about 11.00pm I will be curled up in the van on some remote moor listening to the rain.  Have planned a two day backpack with a wildcamp on Saturday night through some very wild and bleak hills.  Being a bit of a bothy fan there are a couple of dots on the map that I want to check out, will probably come to nothing but can never resist checking these things out.  So far I have found 3 really good bothies in the North Pennines tucked away deep in the hills.  Its good to know bothy locations as a backup in the winter months when the weather can turn for the worse.  You can’t beat being in the hills in front of a roaring fire while the weather rages outside.

I also have a few pieces of kit that will be used for the first time.  My catalyst pack is ready and waiting by the front door (a little big for a 1 night lightweight summer backpack but want to use it anyway).  I am going to wear some Flyroc 310’s, never backpacked in them before.  It is going to be pretty wet on the hills and I know my goretex boots will be soaked in a couple of hours.  The Flyrocks should be ideal for splashing through bogs and streams.  The Akto I brought off Geoff will get its first outing, will the mod make a difference?  Finally I have a Whitebox stove which has never been backpacking, hope its good as it is so light!

The weather looks so bad I have even dug my Paramo out!