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August 11, 2009

Stone nudes

by backpackingbongos

“Stone Nudes: an extract of the art of climbing. Intended to inspire and celebrate the human form. Stone Nudes draws from the community it represents. Over the last ten years, a body of over one hundred photographs drawing from three generations of climbers has evolved.

Unlike current climbing media, these images do not seek to sell or promote anything beyond the experience. This approach has attracted climbers of all abilities to participate in a project designed to capture the essence of the climbing sprit.”

I am not sure how I managed to stumble across this website, but the landscape images are stunning.  No I am not sure how this fits in with backpacking either but this is a calendar that may be brightening up my kitchen wall next year (if my partner does not mind!).  So as not to offend anyone reading my blog I will not post any of the images, however tasteful they may be.  But you can check them out for yourself here.