Some good customer service

by backpackingbongos

I have just received my Laser comp inner back from Terra Nova, repaired and as good as new.  I sent it off three weeks ago after the cord that holds the carbon fibre pole tore through the groundsheet and became detached.  I have always been a bit dubious about the meaning of ‘life time guarantee’ as this leaves things to the discretion of the manufacturer.  My tent was exactly three years old and I was expecting Terra Nova to charge for the repair.  You have to send the faulty item back to them with the receipt and a form detailing the fault / damage.  Shortly after posting I got a prompt email from them saying that it would be repaired under guarantee.  I asked them if they could re-enforce the cord on the other side whilst doing the repair, which they have done.  I suppose that we so often put up with poor customer service that we end up surprised when things go in our favour!

4 Comments to “Some good customer service”

  1. Good service indeed, and very nice of them to also fix the other cord. Are you going to keep it now, or sell it off (not that I am interested in it, I got my Scarp 1!)?

  2. I think that I am going to keep it for now. Will still use it in summer when the weather is good. That is unless you fancy a swap with the Scarp1 – go on I know that you really want to!!!

  3. I always thought TN would interpret their lifetime guarantee according to the circumstances of particular cases, averaging out at ‘somewhat longer than the standard 12 months’, but 3 years old is pleasantly surprising for a free repair.

    I’ve had a couple of occasions when I needed replacement poles and they did them on the spot (they are within reasonable driving distance).

  4. Geoff, I think lifetime should mean until the purchaser dies!

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