It’s TGO Challenge time!

by backpackingbongos

My digital copy of TGO arrived in my inbox yesterday, inside is the application form for next years Challenge.  The TGO challenge is something that I have wanted to complete for years now.  After a couple of years not making the draw for places I got a place on the 2001 challenge and excitedly prepared my route.  Unfortunately this was the year of the foot and mouth outbreak and there was a danger of the challenge being cancelled.  Luckily it was not, but due to restrictions on the west coast the challenge started in Aviemore.  I completed the crossing to St Cyrus in eight days and got a good sample of this special event.

I was also successful in the draw for the 2003 challenge, but alas did not make it past day four.  It all started well at Lochailort and I had a great wild wet day crossing to Oban bothy.  The weather remained horrendous and I can remember the short distance over to Glen Pean bothy taking all day, most of this in sandals as there was water everywhere.  I got further behind the following day and tried to make up for it on day four with a 19 mile push, which in bad weather broke me physically and psychologically – I went home the next day!  My route was too testing and I did not meet many other challengers, hopefully this experience will help me with future planning.

So fingers crossed in 2010 it will be third time lucky for a full crossing.  My Evanton to Ullapool backpack in April gave me a small taste of a walk across the Highlands and I can’t wait to get back up there.

7 Comments to “It’s TGO Challenge time!”

  1. I’ll keep my thumbs up that you get in in 2010. I will put the TGO Challenge also down in my planning of “Need to have done that before I die”.

  2. Thanks for that Hendrik.

  3. That would be great Darren, fingers crossed that we get on it!

  4. deeply jealous 😉

  5. My application is in, pretty sure there’s going to be a draw for places again so good luck and hope to see you out there!

  6. Phi, I had better get my act together and post off the application. Good luck to you too!

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