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September 13, 2009

A lack of vegetarian options?

by backpackingbongos

Before I start I would like to make it perfectly clear that I am definitely not a sandal wearing, self righteous veggie bore.  Although I do wear sandals, can often be a bit self righteous and am sure that some people may find me boring.  I will even admit to the fact that recently after 20 years of guilt free lacto vegetarianism I ate some fish and really enjoyed it.  I totally believe that everyone should be able choose what food they put in their mouths and buy that food from where they choose.  Actually that is a bit of a lie as I think that having choice also means having some form of responsibility.  In my view you are not being very responsible by going to McDonald’s, but that is me being self righteous!  Where is this going you may ask?  What has this got to do with vegetarian backpacking food?  Probably absolutely nothing, but there is one thing that is often lacking.


Several bloggers including Robin, Martin and Darren have been raving about ‘Look what we found’ food that promises to be as good as homemade.  I got a bit excited as I love my food and am always looking for something a bit different to take on the hills.  That excitement soon turned to disappointment as I realised that they had found quite a lot of meat.  I have counted 13 main dishes in their range but only 2 of them are veggie, this means that I can only choose from 15 % of their range.  In reality I have no real gripes at all as this company has spotted a good niche in the market and filled it.  Companies should be applauded for using locally reared meat.

For me it was just the lack of choice that started my gripe.

You could say that I have made a choice myself and that I should just stop moaning.  You are probably right.  In reality there are only around 6 million veggies and vegans in the UK which is less than 10 % of the population.  But how many of these are the ‘outdoors’ type?  Do all meat eaters eat meat for every single meal?  If you fancy buying a pre packaged backpacking meal what are the meat free options?

For the next post I will see what I can find.