Saturdays wild camp spot

by backpackingbongos

I think that the flu is finally out of my system now, although I have been a bit of a zombie at work this week.  I have been itching to get in a nights wild camping before the nights really start to get shorter.  Therefore it has been out with the maps to search for a great spot that does not involve alot of effort if we are feeling lazy this weekend.  I remembered a spectacular spot from a few years ago in a high mountain Cwm, somewhere I have fancied returning for another night.  A winning combination of high level lake and a large imposing crag – do you know where it is?

Wild camp

It will be the usual wait until rush hour has passed on Friday, pick up Rich and drive into the wilds to kip in the campervan somewhere.  Saturday and Sunday will be a short backpack with a great many hours sat staring at the lake, eating food and reading a book.  You don’t have to be mile munching weekend heroes to enjoy yourself in the wilds!


5 Comments to “Saturdays wild camp spot”

  1. Looks like Creiglyn Dyfi, one of our favourite areas although we have never camped there – it is an ideal spot provided nobody else gets the same idea!.

    Have a good relaxed trip.

  2. Ooooh jammy bugger! Wish I was going out to play this weekend…. 😦
    still, there is time before the clocks go back yet 🙂

  3. Geoff I thought that you would get that one – a splendid area it is. Will be upset if someone else gets the same idea. DO NOT CAMP THERE THE WATER IS SULPHEROUS. There hopefully put people off (it is actually true!).

    Dave – a few weeks left to play with yet!

  4. dont forget the trip report so that I can get even more envious!

  5. I will get one sorted out for you!

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