My most expensive ever gear purchase

by backpackingbongos

The internet is a very bad and dangerous place, it sucks you in and takes money off of your credit card.

I have been dreaming of this major purchase now for a few months and have saved up the pennies (lots of them) and pressed ‘confirm’ on the order.  I just need to wait upto 30 days for it to be made.  Fingers crossed it will be ready to come with me to Scotland at the end of the month.

In the meantime I am off to spend the weekend in a gale in Snowdonia………………………….

19 Responses to “My most expensive ever gear purchase”

  1. titanium toothbrush?

  2. with my name engraved on it…………….

  3. Updated Scarp 1 ?. You have a new rucksack. Or is it a custom made waterproof jacket? No my money is on the tent.

  4. Mini me Clone to carry the heavy Bpack up hills?

  5. I guess a MLD shelter. That or the Scarp 1.

    Have a nice weekend!

  6. Not MLD as that is more likely 7 weeks (49 days). So my money is on a Tarptent.

  7. It also might be something fancy from Nunatak 😀

    C’mon James, tell us!

  8. scarp I am guessing

  9. Everyone has managed to write my dream kit list in their comments. Unfortunately no one has even come close………..

    I do like paul’s suggestion of a mini me clone to carry my rucksack though!

  10. At least you could tell us from which country your purchase is coming 😉

  11. Packraft would be great. Been reading Roman Dials book on it and given it a lot of thought. Have you to james ???

  12. Wow, I did not realise that people would be interseted in what I spend my money on!

    Hendrik – ok then my purchase is made and sold in England.

    Phil – now a packraft is something that I would just love to have, imagine crossing a remote Scottish Loch and then setting off on a backpacking trip.

    Martin – yes I have already given it alot of thought!

  13. I’ve used substantially bigger inflatable canoes before and they’re suprisingly good – in fact I use a small one as a tender for my yacht.

    I’m really trying to find someone that uses a packraft in this country. I was (half) joking with Colin Ibbotson that we could cross Loch Ness in one on the Challenge and make it a totally self-propelled crossing! They’re just SO expensive….

  14. Alright James, let the cat out of the sack and tell me. I’ll keep it a secret, I promise!

  15. Ok Hendrik just for you, I have made a purchase from this site:


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