Across Scotland in a week

by backpackingbongos

In April this year I had a fantastic week with Rich crossing Scotland coast to coast from Evanton to Ullapool.  A leisurely 60 miles in 6 days passing through one of the remotest parts of the UK.  A route that was a couple of years in the making, constantly returning to maps and picking out tracks and bothies to help with progress through this wild area.  Therefore I feel rather proud that a fellow blogger recently undertook the same journey and it looks like he too had a splendid time.  You should definitely check out his blog:

A little bit about not alot

Marcus is currently on day two of his write up and I am following it with anticipation.  Already he is half a day ahead of Rich and myself on the second day and I am looking forward to see how the rest of the trip went.  I hope that his and my trip reports inspire more people who would like to do a Scottish coast to coast but don’t have a full two weeks to give this route a go.  If you missed my write up here are the links:

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

I am forever planning my next big trip and I plan to do another week long coast to coast late next April.  I really fancy following in the footsteps of Cameron McNeish and doing the Sutherland trail, which is sort of a coast to coast (west to north!).  Or I have my eyes on the map again and have spotted another possible east to west crossing, this time much further north, across the Flow country of Caithness and into Sutherland.  I am sure I can twist Rich’s arm again………………………….


3 Comments to “Across Scotland in a week”

  1. Gud’ay James,

    I’ll be watching YOU with anticipation to see what your next trip is! I’d love to try and do one 5 day Scotland trip each year from now on and I’ll be trying my best to make this happen.

    Now I’ve got a bit more confident with the map I think its time to start looking at more of my own routes, with one eye on the ‘blogsphere’ of course!

  2. James, I’ve also been looking at Cameron’s book about the Sutherland trial. I thought it would make a nice round trip from Inverness, bus out to the west coast, do the walk and then pick up the train from somewhere on the east back down to Inverness.
    Marcus, I enjoyed a great 5 day backpack from Glen Finnan out to Knoydart returning by ferry and train, a very enjoyable trip, got very lucky with the weather as well.

  3. Marcus, a 5 day Scottish trip each year sounds like a great idea. You cannot beat spending a few hours with maps out tracing a route across country. If you come up with another 5 day coast to coast please let me know!

    Paul, I think that I will put Cameron’s book on my xmas wish list. I have some early ideas for routes across the far north (for some reason Caithness really appeals). There really are endless 5 day routes up there!

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