Isle of Jura ‘A’ road

by backpackingbongos

Now to be honest when I am planning a backpacking trip I don’t often give too much thought about the road that I am going to drive along to get there.  However whilst doing some surfing on Geograph I noticed some photos of the main ‘A’ road that runs the length of the Island.  If this is what an ‘A’ road is like then I feel that Jura is going to be my kind of place!

This time next week and I will have just started my long drive north, can’t wait!


5 Comments to “Isle of Jura ‘A’ road”

  1. Good grief!. It looks like my kind of place too from the backpacking standpoint, but as for the driving – no way!. I’m the opposite:- in a new area, the roads are the first thing I look at, I flatly refuse to drive up those crap single track things.

    I never did know the definition of an ‘A’ road (if it has one) but one might expect a reasonable standard. Some houses have private drives better than that.

  2. Geoff I think that those steep twisty single track roads fit in better with the landscape. But they are only good until you meet a vehicle coming in the opposite direction! At least being in a van other drivers usually give way or do the reversing (unless the vehicle is bigger than me!). The roads on Jura look like they are rarely driven, so hopefully the Island will be pretty deserted.

  3. The anticipation of a trip is almost as good as the actual thing. Hope you have a good time

  4. Cheers Dave, the anticipation is now building. Just a week at work to get through!

  5. Looking forward to the write up and have a good time.

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