It has not come in time……………..

by backpackingbongos

I think that I am all packed, just need to do a final idiot check.  Tomorrow to get through at work and then I will start the long drive north.  Excited and nervous at the same time because I will be doing my most remote backpack ever whilst on Jura.  As a walking destination there is really not that much written about the place, even on the internet.  A bit of searching and I did manage to unearth a booklet written by a local guy, ordered it from Amazon where the postage was the same as the booklet!  I wanted to see what he had to say about the area I am heading to, the uninhabited west coast.  All he says is:

“This is a wild and interesting area but very inaccessible except to the most hardy.  It is dotted with wide sandy bays, small sandy coves, high cliffs, many caves, arches, stacks, miles of raised beaches and spectacular sills and dykes.  It is well worth a visit.  Due to its remoteness it is not practical to explore very much in a day”. Gordon Wright

I am looking forward to really getting off the beaten track.  Unfortunately the weather is looking pretty ‘mobile’ at the moment so I may well be blasted by wind and rain.  Fingers crossed the wind will behave and I will be able to get a pitch beside the sea on the spot shown below.

Anyway I have digressed as I was going to say that some gear has not come in time for this trip.  At the beginning of Oct I made ‘My most expensive ever gear purchase‘ with the hope that it would be delivered in time.  I knew that I would have to wait for up to 30 days for it to be made, but I had my fingers crossed that it would arrive sooner.  Maybe I should have contacted the manufacturer to say it was needed for a specific trip.  As it turns out it is going to be a mild week and to be honest I am not sure I want it to smell like a bothy fire.  Well what did I spend a vast amount of money on?

Hispar 500 Down Sleeping Bag

Hopefully It will have arrived by the time I get back.  A winter backpack will have to be planned to test it out!

Anyway here is that West coast of Jura beach pic:

7 Comments to “It has not come in time……………..”

  1. that’s a cracking sleeping bag ! Shame it didnt turn up in time for you to test it out on your latest trip. Have a great time and remember to take loads of photos!

  2. have a great time buddy, have to plan something following your return

  3. I look forward to hearing about this trip, I’ve been wanting to backpack northern Jura for years but its such a pig to get to.
    If the weather’s grim, just slack it up at the bothy and chillax – its always better than working!

  4. Enjoy your week on Jura, it looks and sounds like a beautiful and remote place.

    A nice sleepingbag you got yourself, James. Hopefully the MSR Packsoap arrived in time?

  5. Dave, Cheers and my camera is packed!

    Rich, will give you a bell to sort something out when I get back.

    Steve, I too have been wanting to get to northern Jura for a while. Looking forward to slacking it up at the bothy if the weather is bad!

    Hendrick, Unfortunately the MSR packsoap has not arrived yet. We have a 2 day postal strike at the moment which has probably delayed it. Thanks anyway.

  6. James you lucky bugger. Its going to be an incredible trip and I can’t wait to read the report. Not as good as going but the next best thing.

    That sleeping bag is awesome and a winter trip is a definite to give it a try. I was saying to Nigel from ‘A Mountain High’ that we should get together for a winter wild camp in the Lakes perhaps – as small gathering?


  7. Marcus the report will be coming in the next few days.

    A winter wild camp in the lakes sounds good to me. I am saving up my holidays so would have to be a weekend trip. Other than that pretty free and easy!

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