The wild wild west

by backpackingbongos

After a two day journey of ferries and driving I am finally home.  Islay and Jura were simply stunning, although I was treated pretty badly by the weather gods.  I suffered an endless series of severe gales and heavy rain which hampered my plans a little bit (to the extent that I had to turn back on a 380 metre hill!).  Thankfully in between all that wind and rain I did have two bright days that were so warm I was in a t-shirt whilst backpacking.  There was a lot of sitting in the campervan reading but I did manage to get out for a two day backpack on Islay and another two day one on Jura.  I will do a couple of posts in the coming week.

Whilst out I attempted to a bit of live blogging (due to spending a lot of time waiting for the rain to stop!).  However I failed miserably as I probably need to download an app for my iPhone.  So here is a retrospective live blog with the photo that I tried to upload from my phone whilst away! (hence the poor quality).


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6 Comments to “The wild wild west”

  1. I really like the photo, blogging on the go seems to be a challenge at the moment. I look forward to your trip reports.

  2. that photo looks amazing, surely makes up for the nasty days? Looking forward to finding out more about your experiences out west. Have you started eyeing up every body of water you pass as a potential packrafting destination? You will….

  3. welcome back!

    getting out and about is the name of the game and your destination was superb. More photos please!

  4. Thanks Roger, I need to look at how to live blogging properly. Will try and get trip report up this week.

    Phil, I did eye up several bits of water as a potential packrafting destination but mostly thought how dangerous it could be (it was always open sea!)

    Cheers Dave, lots of photos to come!

  5. Hey James.

    Glad to here you made the most of it depsite the weather. Photo is great and can’t wait for the write up. In my experience live blogging requires a bit of patience and of course a phone signal – often both are lacking for me!

  6. Marcus I am glad that I managed to get out for a few days, its just a shame that the mist was often down obscuring the views. Maybe live blogging is just not for me!

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