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November 1, 2009

PHD Hispar 500 sleeping bag received

by backpackingbongos

When I got back yesterday I had two packages waiting for me.  One was a bottle of MSR packsoap from Hendrik over at Hiking in Finland, thanks for that Hendrik.  The other was my PHD sleeping bag that I ordered roughly a month ago.  After I had my first bath after several days in the wilds I was soon in it testing it for size and comfort.  It fits my 6 foot frame pretty much exactly and gives a nice snug fit without being too restrictive.  What really impressed me was the amount it lofts, the 900 down appears to really do its job.  Once out of its bag it grows and grows and grows!  It’s amazing that such a light bag can be so fat.  I was sad enough to weigh it with it coming in at 935 grammes with stuff sack, pretty light for a -15 c rated bag with a water resistant shell.  I can be an outdoor shop customer from hell inspecting every seam and stitch of everything I buy (usually being pretty unimpressed by the poor construction of kit these days and often finding fault).  However so far I have not found even so much as a loose thread.  Lets hope that this is a down bag where the down actually stays inside the bag rather than making my tent look like I have been fighting poultry!

I now can’t wait to get out backpacking on a really cold night, a review will be forthcoming when it has been used in anger.

Hispar 500 sleeping bag