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November 2, 2009

Buffalo jacket giveaway

by backpackingbongos

Last night I was having a clear out of gear that I no longer use.  I found hidden in the depths of my cupboard a Buffalo jacket (I think that it goes under the name of a Buffalo 6 shirt).  I only wore it a couple of times but never got on with it and it was soon forgotten about, so it is as good as new.  Buffalo probably was the original soft shell garment and is made from pile and pertex.  It is designed to replace base, mid and possibly outer layer if it is not raining too hard.  Rather than me whittling on just check out their website here.


It is size 42 inch chest and is in an inoffensive blue and black.  If you suffer from cold ‘bits’ in the winter it even has a fold down front and back that can be buckled together!

If you want it just leave the answer to the following question as a comment.  Closest answer wins and I will contact the winner by email after the closing date which is 1st December.  I will post to anywhere in the world but outside the UK it will go surface mail which can take some time!

‘How many Munro’s have I climbed?’ (basically pick a number between 0 and 283!)