Kinder Scout in the Snow

by backpackingbongos

On my write up of a recent Roaches walk I mentioned that I was looking forward to walking Kinder Scout in the snow this winter.  This jogged my memory of the day after boxing day in 2003 when a group of friends and myself climbed Kinder from the Snake Pass.  A great days outing up Fair Brook to Fairbrook Naze and along the northern edge to return by the Snake path.  A combination of snow on the ground and thick mist made it pretty atmospheric up there.  At least navigation was made easy by just simply following the edges.  What we had not really thought about was the really short winters day, which after the drive from Nottingham did not give us much time to play with.  It started to get dark as we were descending Ashop head and there was talk of getting torches out.  I was the only person in a group of four who had bothered packing one!  We managed to get three quarters of the way down in the gloom before my single beam guided us back to the car.  Not easy.

So don’t forget your torch this winter!


Fingers crossed I can get up there this year under clear blue skies with a dusting of snow…………

4 Comments to “Kinder Scout in the Snow”

  1. Great photos! Carrying a torch in winter is something we should all remember. It’s easy to think about taking a torch on backpacking trips because we expect to be out after dark but your experience highlights that we need to carry one even on day hikes. The nights are drawing in over here, in a few weeks it’ll be getting dark by 15.30…

  2. Definately easy to overlook taking a torch Joe. I have now dug out my ‘winter’ torch which I know has a beam suitable for walking in the dark. Sunset tonight here is 15.57 weird being at work for that last hour when it is already dark. At least in a few weeks it starts to get lighter again!

  3. I carry a little finger torch wherever I go anywhere outside the house at the moment. In fact I keep a rucksack and assorted clothes, food and stove in the car boot as a “just in case”
    ie just in case I fancy a walk when out and about in the car and also just in case I break down somewhere in the winter
    oh and cant wait for the snow!

  4. I can go one further Dave, in the van I have packed a sleeping bag, stove etc so I am always ready to go. Just no food at the moment! I have one of those wind up torches in the glove box, rubbish for hiking but great as a ‘just in case’ torch, plus no batteries to run out!

    Bring on the snow (this weekend?)

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