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November 25, 2009

Fingers crossed

by backpackingbongos

The awful weather of the last few weeks has kept any plans of a backpack firmly simmering away on the backburner.  Finally there is a glimmer of hope with the weather forecast for the hilly bits ‘up north’ looking pretty positive this weekend.  All going well I should hopefully get in just one more backpack before the madness that is Christmas.  Although I have done loads of winter camping before, I very rarely venture out in the tent in November and December as it is dark not long after lunch.  A bit of maths tells me that there is currently a long 16 hours between sunset and sunrise so a big fat book and loads of podcasts should keep me entertained in the dark.  The walking to camping ratio is definitely weighted towards the camping aspect so I am determined to make that part as comfy as possible.  So I have dusted off my faithful Terra Nova Voyager tent which will give me loads of room for a long evening of faffing.  I don’t trust the Neoair to keep me toasty so will also pack my multimat to use as insulation underneath.  Add to that more food to graze on whilst staring at the stars and my pack is going to be a fair bit heavier that I am used to.  I can’t wait to slide into my new PHD sleeping bag plus I have a brand new camera to play with.

The plan is to have one last look at the weather forecast when I get home from work tomorrow and then pack my rucksack.  If I pack now someone will notice and make it rain again!  I can’t wait to set foot on those steep velvety slopes in between the Lakes and the Dales.

Fingers crossed there is the sort of weather that will make my tent look like this (although I hope it is not quite as cold as when this photo was taken!)  If the weather is good everyone get out and make the most of it……………………………..