The first snow of the winter has fallen

by backpackingbongos

Another weekend where things have not gone quite as planned.  My backpack didn’t happen once again, but I did manage to get out for a walk in the snow today.  I spent most of my time in a thick white mist but there was a moment when the clouds briefly parted giving me an atmospheric view.

Anyone guess the location?  I will do a full write up in the next few days.


11 Comments to “The first snow of the winter has fallen”

  1. I could cheat considering you left a very nice comment on my blog telling me 😉

  2. is it alport castles?

  3. Peaky district? 🙂

  4. Left the tent and bongo behind also this weekend. Hiked from Hebden Bridge to Keighley. Taking in most of the pubs. Head hurts today. Stumbled across a couple of little bothies.

    No snow though. Looking forward to the report.

  5. Darren, did not think about that!

    Rich you are pretty much spot on, photo taken about a mile south of the castle.

    Dave – yep!

    Looked like a good pub crawl Boyzie, I reconise Top Withens as have camped up there before. The other hut is a new one to me.

  6. Curry…………

  7. You live too close to them hills. You should be at work helping the homeless. I should be in the hills. Looks good for sure and looking forward to the write up.

  8. I am at work helping the homeless Monday to Friday Martin, Sat and Sun are reserved for the hills! It is nice being within day tripping distance of the hills though.

  9. There have been several 1-day slots of good weather with fantastic conditions and I can see the western Peak District from home, but these days I can’t muster the momentum for day walks – returning to the car the same day just doesn’t cut it.

  10. I know what you mean Geoff, it can be hard to get the enthusiasm for a day walk. However once I find I am out there I really enjoy myself. Not the same as a backpack though.

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