I’m not fat its my glands………….

by backpackingbongos

For quite some time now I have not felt right, going to work and everyday tasks have required a great deal of effort.  I feel that I have been putting off backpacking trips and blaming it on the weather, preferring to catch up on my sleep at weekends.  I have also started to get a bit wobbly around the middle and my hiking trousers no longer fit.  Changes have been gradual and feeling unwell had become the norm, however it has made me fed up.  A trip to the doctors with a list of my symptoms and worries that I may have Lymes disease, due to being a bit of a tick magnet.

A blood test and a couple of weeks later and I was requested to go back and see the doctor.  Waiting for my appointment I spent a few days feeling a bit nervous.  Turns out that I have an underactive Thyroid Gland meaning that basically my body has slowed right down making me feel sluggish.  A prescription of thyroxine so hopefully should be back to my old self in a few weeks.  A bit of a relief being given an actual diagnosis, rather than thinking it was all in my head.  I have been taking the tablets for a couple of days now and yesterday at work I felt a strange urge to go out clubbing and actually felt excitable for a couple of hours!

Fingers crossed that I can soon backpack again without falling asleep the minute that I crawl into my tent.  I may even change from slackpacker to backpacker, who knows.  Packing now for a trip to Snowdonia after work tomorrow, not quite got the energy for a backpack so will use the Bongo as a base.  Then some posts to catch up on, not got round to writing up Dovedale yet, frankly this week I just could not be arsed……..

I have even started drawing squiggly lines across Anquet maps.  Plans are hatching for another week long Northern Highland coast to coast in April, this time across even wilder countryside.


9 Comments to “I’m not fat its my glands………….”

  1. Hope you’re recovery is rapid, a wee trip should help boost it.

    Enjoy the weekend 🙂

  2. Thanks Richard, hopefully some sunny mountains should sort me out.

  3. Not treated a underactive Thyroid is a serious problem. Glad you nicked it in the bud. Happy planning.

  4. Fingers crossed that I will be able to put all those plans into action, cheers Martin.

  5. Good on ye fella, us men a terrible at getting ourselves to the docs, a lesson to you all.

    We were wild camping above betws y coed this weekend left the bongo in betws. Where abouts in snowdonia were you?

  6. Yep have to admit in being rubbish at getting to the docs, won’t leave it so long this time.

    I drove to Snowdonia Fri night after work and parked up the Bongo at Llyn Geirionydd (above Betws y coed) for a kip, then drove to Llanberis to climb the Glyders on the Sat and some of the lower Peaks near Snowdon, today. The weather was awsome, wished I had wild camped although the Bongo was a good place to sit out those long cold winter hours!

  7. We drove down Friday too, theAA had to rescue us, alternator had rattled loose. The aa man fixed and we got on our way. Found a great overnight spot for the bongo. Will update my blog tomorrow to share location. Also lots of my photos are of the glyders In the distance so should be interesting for you to see.

  8. A broken Bongo can spoil a weekend! Glad you got it fixed. Would be good to hear of the bongo spot.

  9. Updated my Blog which includes the spot we slept in the Bongo on the first night.


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