Snowdonia Panoramas

by backpackingbongos

Whilst tramping the hills over the weekend I took photo after photo, playing with and getting to know my camera which I have only had for a few weeks.  I experimented by taking some sequences of pictures with the aim of stitching them together when I got home.  The images below are each five or six individual shots combined together.  I have to say that I am rather pleased with the results and am keen to get out again and experiment some more.  Any excuse to get into the hills!

All photos can be clicked to enlarge.

This shot was taken from just north of the summit of Foel Goch in the Glyders.

This shot was taken from south of the summit of Carnedd y Filiast in the Glyders.

This was taken of one of the most awe inspiring places south of the Highlands, Llyn Du r Arddu and the Clogwyn cliffs.  I sat by the lake in wonder for ages.

7 Comments to “Snowdonia Panoramas”

  1. Wow, they look amazing. Photoshop? Is it easy?

    I think I can see me in the distance.

  2. James, absolutely amazing photos! I must have missed which is your new camera, so please enlighten me!

    Did you take them with a Tripod or in hand?

  3. Thanks boyzie, I used Panorama maker 4 which came with the camera. You were spotted on the left of the top photo!

    Hendrik thanks for you kind comment. My new camera is a Panasonic Lumix LX3 and I have been very happy with it so far. Not as small and light as my old compact but the quality is great. Can either point and shoot or go fully manual. I took them by hand which meant they had to be cropped a fair bit to remove jagged edges, otherwise they are untouched.

  4. great photos!

  5. DCM-LX3 is fantastic as you know I use one. I must dig that software out and try it for myself. Nice photos. Try this link:

  6. Cheers Robin.

    Martin I am really pleased with the camera and keen to learn how to take better photies. Cheers for the link, the videos make much more sense than the manual! I want to stop using the IA and scene modes and start on manual settings…………

  7. Managed to find this site that shows you how to do it with photoshop.

    Will have to give it a go.

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