A major expedition………..

by backpackingbongos

We are finally packed and ready to leave in the morning to spend New Year in a private bothy high on a Welsh hillside.  I am simply astounded at the amount of stuff that has been packed, it looks like we are going for a month rather than for a long weekend.  It’s strange to think that if I was solo backpacking all my gear including tent and food would fit in a 42 litre rucksack, yet staying in a bothy there is a pile of bags in the living room piled high.  If the track up is not driveable then we will be rather weighed down for the mile walk in.  For some reason my non outdoorsy partner does not seem as excited about spending a few days in snow and sub zero temperatures as I am……………………………..

Collect wood from the forest, chop it, burn it and drink some beers, what more can you ask for?  I have even dug out the ice axe in snowy anticipation.

8 Comments to “A major expedition………..”

  1. Looking at the weather warnings for north-east Wales, even the main roads give me the willies never mind a track to a bothy!.

  2. Enjoy your bothy time, James, and may you and your partner have a good start into the new year!

  3. that’s a goo idea to spend new year in bothy away from the big party crowd.enjoy your trip and have a nice time

  4. Happy New Year James and many thanks for the Buffalo shirt! 🙂

  5. Sounds a great way to spend some time. Collecting firewood warms you up three times: walking around collecting it, chopping it and burning it!

  6. Geoff, in that case then you would have feinted on the track up to the bothy, a good amount of time was spent with shovel in hand!

    Thanks Hendrik and I hope that you have a good New Year too.

    Cheers hrxxl, hope that you enjoyed New Years eve. Indeed time in a bothy away from the crowd was well spent.

    Happy New Year Dave, hope that the shirt comes in handy!

    Joe, I was lucky as whilst I walked in the hills my mate spent the day collecting and chopping wood!

  7. I presume it was the one in the Black Mountains?

  8. Indeed it was Dave, although should be renamed ‘white mountains’ at the moment.

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