Snowy Black Mountain Panoramas

by backpackingbongos

Happy New Year everyone!

We got back yesterday evening after spending the New Year in the Black Mountains.  A great time was had by all and the scenery was stunning under a huge dumping of snow.  I found out that the Bongo does not like steep snowy tracks and a fair bit of time was spent with shovel in hand!  A trip report in the next few days but in the meantime here are some ‘Panorama’ shots created by stitching several photos together.

Our remote home in the forest for a couple of nights, no road or electricity.  Bliss.

The next couple of photos were taken on the track just below the Crug Mawr, Pen Y Gadair Fawr ridge.

A 360 degree panorama shot taken from the summit of Pen Y Gadair Fawr.

The next couple of photos were taken just below the summit of Pen Y Gadair Fawr, with the sun beginning to set I had a long way still to go!

8 Comments to “Snowy Black Mountain Panoramas”

  1. Jeepers James, that’s impressive. I think we need to think about doing something like that next New Year. Incredible summit shot at sunset.

  2. Go for it Marcus, beats standing in a busy pub whilst being charged vast amounts of money! It was great being on the summit at sunset but I paid for it later on with a 3 hour walk in the dark.

  3. Great shots James,

    I love the snow, it totally transforms the landscape but I wish it was a bit more reliable, some years we get nothing.

  4. was up in the black mountains today and the snow is still impressive. I have just about convinced my friends to commit to a bunkhouse experience in the black mountains next month

    I cant wait


  5. Great wintry landscapes, Pen y Gadair Fawr would have made a great tent pitch on that night.

  6. Thanks Richard, I do wish that it would snow every year. Makes a familiar place seem very different.

    Dave, make sure that you do convince your friends to get a bunkhouse, you will enjoy it! Good to hear that the snow still remains.

    Geoff it would have made a great pitch but would have been exceptionally cold, it was minus 3c during the day!

  7. Thanks Jamie, although the great weather conditions made photo taking easier!

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