Positive changes

by backpackingbongos

Things are brightening up here at Bongo towers.  I had a job interview first thing on Monday morning and after a nail biting wait I was offered the position.  It is an advocacy role offering impartial advocacy support to people who use homelessness and supported housing services.  I have worked with homeless and vulnerable people for the past five years in an educational support role which I have really enjoyed.  However I am excited to have a change in direction whilst still working in the same field.

The last few months have been a blur of tiredness and illness since being diagnosed with Hypothyroidism but recently my medication seems to be taking effect.  Still not up for running a marathon but its nice not feeling like I have all the time.  Fingers crossed I should get out at the weekend for the first backpack of the year.  Playing the weather gamble at the moment, got a couple of ideas in my head but am going to wait to see the weather forecast the day before.  It will then be a mad evening of packing and route planning.  Fingers crossed that apathy does not rule again come the end of the week!

6 Comments to “Positive changes”

  1. Great news all round! Congratulations!

    Looking forward to the next Bongo-outing…..

  2. Well done on the job and keep up the good work.

  3. Good luck with new job and I hope you can overcome your illness. I had a couple of years of not doing much but have just started to build up fitness again. Strangrey I find the hardest part is being bothered to get all the gear ready, once out there Im OK.

  4. Thanks Greg. I agree. for me packing is the hardest part of any trip, always afraid that I am going to leave something behind!

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