First backpack, bothy and wildcamp of 2010

by backpackingbongos

I have just returned after a cracking weekend backpacking solo around some deserted hills.  A night in a bothy followed by a wildcamp was beaten by a stunning hilltop sunset on the first evening.  As I stood there taking in the views frost was forming on my rucksack, it turned out to be one hell of a cold night.  The sunset was captured and now features as the header for the blog.

Where was I?  I picked an area that sees very few hikers, especially at this time of year.  Can anyone guess from the header or the panorama below?

9 Comments to “First backpack, bothy and wildcamp of 2010”

  1. I am guessing Scottish Borders. I was in my Bongo at the weekend in the freezer of Loch Rannoch and was very glad for the aluminium padded heat shields for the windows. Do you have? Excellent bit of kit. Gas froze in the van but the Kelly Kettle did the job.

  2. Tarrens?

  3. I’m going to guess mid Wales too. The hills just look the right shape and it ‘feels’ like mid Wales.

  4. Borders. Galloway maybe ? How come your new job lets you have spare time to get to the hills ? 🙂

  5. Geoff, Fred and northernfall good guess but I was a bit further north in the southern uplands. Have to admit that some of the hills did have a fair resemblance to mid Wales.

    Warren, spot on I was in Border country. The Ettrick hills near Moffat to be precise. I have made my own heat shields for my windows but not very well as they don’t fit properly. Need to have another go or buy some.

    Martin I crossed the border fence between Dumfries and Galloway and the Borders. I have not started the new job yet, but even when I do after 4.30pm on a Friday it will be hill time!

  6. It is a fantastic area. The southern upland way goes near there and is so under used for a gem of a walk. If the hills were a few hundred feet higher there would 10 times as many people. Buy the screen shields they are a life saver and move to the borders for cycling and walking it is fantastic

    • Warren, it is an area I really enjoy visiting mainly because not many other people do! One day I would like to walk the Southern Upland way. What screen shields did you buy?

  7. they came with my van. Have suckers on them to hold them in place. They cover the front, driver and passenger and rear and then I just drop the blinds I guess the breed society would be the best place. Ian knows everything

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