Squeezing every minute out of a weekend backpack

by backpackingbongos

I write this in a daze of tiredness, today at work has been a hazy fuddle.  I arrived home last night at 12.30 am after a superb weekend backpack around some of my favourite mountains and lakes.  Sunday was one of those days in the hills that is almost too perfect.  Snow on the ground, blue skies and the spring sun making it feel almost like summer.  A day you want to drag out for ever, which we inadvertently did!  Was it too long looking at the views, a lack of fitness or not really taking into account that there are miles and then there are mountain miles?  The day was ended walking by torch light for a couple of hours, finishing in trying to work out how to get through a farmyard with lights coming on and what seemed like hundreds of dogs barking.  I can navigate off of the hills fine but through a farm?

A stunning wild camp was also had, although temperatures really plummeted by early morning.  The reward was probably the clearest sky I have ever seen in the UK.

Anyone fancy a guess as to where the above camp is?  Extra points if you can name the two mountains and the lake!

A trip report later in the week.

9 Comments to “Squeezing every minute out of a weekend backpack”

  1. As a stab in the dark Cader Idris. What I really want to say is how impressed I am with the number and quality of you trips at the moment. I am jealous but am also enjoying reading about them.

    • I just seem to have the urge to be in the hills at the moment Ben, maybe my body can sense that spring is in the air? I am glad that you enjoy the write ups. Its not Cader Idris by the way!

  2. Very pretty view, James. Seems a lot of us outdoor bloggers were out last weekend, you, Roger, Dave, me! We also had splendid weather, but the sunset on Saturday, ah, perfect.

  3. Glad you got out again James.

    I have been doing quite a bit of getting out in recent weeks but alas not overnighters. I quite fancy stopping at the bothy by Grwyne Fawr Reservoir which is just up the track from the “house” you occasionally stay in.

    Maybe when the spring is here I might be able to get there but for now, work, kids and supporting my wife’s studies take first priority

    Not sure on the location of the shot….somewhere in the Berwyns?

  4. Hendrik it looks like the good weather covered alot of Europe. Your photo of that sunset is absolutely amazing.

    Dave that is a nice little bothy although if anyone else turns up you will find it a tight squeeze! I could see the Berwyns from some of the hills I was on.

    • oh yes, it is rather snug but the wood stove is an absolute beast. I would imagine even in the depths of winter if you had that stove going you would be very warm. I would guess you could get 3 upstairs sleeping possibly 4 at a push but obviously with only 2 chairs and a small table downstairs not overly endowed for entertaining comfortably in the evening 🙂

      • I have been in the downstairs for lunch and we just about managed to squeeze 5 of us in, difficult to shut the door though!

  5. An educated guess: the snowy mountain is Moelwyn Mawr and the lake is Llyn yr Adar. If so, I guess the slopes on the right belong to Cnicht.

    Sunday (and Monday & Tuesday) were magnificent, you definitely don’t want to go home from that. I was there on Monday.

    • Spot on Geoff with the mountains, I thought that you would get it! The lake is Llynnau Diffwys just over the hill from llyn yr Adar. The weather was amazing!

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