A good example of why you should not leave your crampons at home!

by backpackingbongos

We woke up on Sunday to clear blue skies after a penetrating frost.  The day before had been fairly mild and the snow on the ground had started to melt, the freeze making it as hard as iron.  Our route involved traversing Moelwyn Mawr so that we could climb it from ’round the back’.  Large patches of snow remained that were unavoidable on its steep slopes, however we were lucky to have a wall to stop ourselves sliding into oblivion.  Crampons would definately have made progress easier than doing the bum shuffle………………….


5 Comments to “A good example of why you should not leave your crampons at home!”

  1. Would Kahtoola Microspikes sufficed?

    • I think they would have in the places where the slope was not too steep. Because it was patchy microspikes would be easiers to take on and off than full crampons. If you would have slipped without an axe to self arrest you would be at the bottom of the hill in seconds! I have never seen snow so hard and icy before.

  2. I had a weird one last weekend. I was up and around the Black Mountains and the remaining snow on the summits had frozen hard.
    The only problem was that in places the snow was 3 foot deep still and mostly when you walked on it it was like glass and hard as a rock. However there was still the odd patch that was only slightly hard and you ended up going straight through and up to your crouch in snow!


  3. That sounds a little bit painful!

  4. not so much painful as more like uber cold

    talk about inversions……


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