Hillwalking decadence

by backpackingbongos

I have been planning for the last few months to do another week long coast to coast backpack across the northern highlands during the first week of May.  However I start a new job on the 6th April and don’t feel that it would be appropriate to take a weeks leave so soon after starting.  The route is pretty much finished with just a few tweeks needed.  I feel that it may be better to walk it at the end of October, after the Stag stalking season has finished and before the clocks go back.  Imagine a week of warm sunny days, the first frosts of autumn and the stags roaring amongst the russet red mountains.

It’s my last day in my current job tomorrow which leaves me with just over a week to play with.  I fancy a good long backpack but know that my illness still pretty much restricts what I am capable of.  The last couple of short backpacks that I have done meant that the week after were just a haze of tiredness.  I don’t fancy going into a new job feeling like that!  It would be nice to go somewhere with my partner but we have a very old and sick cat who we don’t want to leave, so a solo trip it is.  I have therefore elected at the last minute to have a week of hillwalking decadence and booked a last minute cottage.  Just for me!  Nestled 1500ft high in the Lowther hills of South West Scotland, there are walks from the door and numerous hills in all directions to climb just a short drive away.  I feel a bit of a peak bagging frenzy coming on!  I am looking forward to being billy no mates in the hills for a week!

A photo taken from the road up to the cottage.

10 Comments to “Hillwalking decadence”

  1. Stags can be noisy sods during a rut. In fact they can be noisy anytime. Shame you will have to wait till October to go to Scotland. But good things come to them that wait.

    • They are noisy Martin but I love that roaring sound they make. I am off to Scotland tomorrow to the Lowther hills, its the highlands that will have to wait.

  2. Why don’t you join Mike Knipe’s Peebles to Moffatt trip? It should be a great outing, I’m really disappointed to be missing it.

    • Mr Pies trip does look good but will be returning home the day it starts. I’m sure that there will be lots of blogs to read up on that trip.

  3. Hopfully you’ll catch some good spring sunshine James. Renting a cottage is always nice; tailor days out to suite the weather and then enjoy a nice relaxing time in the evenings.

  4. Hello James

    Have a great retreat. You’ll have plenty of options but I can’t resist a recommendation. Myself and Fiona stay regularly at Moniaive a few miles from your cottage; a favourite walk starts and finishes at Durisdeer. Durisdeer, Black Hill, Well Hill, Durisdeer Hill, Scaw’d Law, Durisdeer is a good half-day route. Have a great stay whatever you do.

    All the best

    • Thanks Pete, unfortunately the weather was not kind to me whilst I was away. I did your recommendation, extending the walk to Wedder Law. An area I have backpacked in before. The black hill and well hill area are cracking little hills but a steep way to start the day!

  5. You lucky……..!

    Can’t believe that, what a great little find and if the weather is anything close to that of the picture you’ll be having a sweet time.

    Enjoy and looking forward to the photos and write up.

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