by backpackingbongos

I received my MBA newsletter yesterday and it had a link to the short film ‘Bothy’ by Dougie Bonner, something I have been wanting to see for a while now.  If you have got a spare half hour and are dreaming of getting into Scotlands wild places then it is definitely worth a watch.

Bothy from Dougie Bonner on Vimeo.


6 Comments to “Bothy”

  1. Thanks for posting the link to that entertaining video. Did they really walk in – eat & sleep – walk out? After all that effort I’d have wanted to spend a bit more time just “being there”!

    • I agree with you there Judith, once there you may as well spend another night and take in some of the surrounding hills. Their packs also looked like they could stay out for a week or two!

  2. What an awesome little (long) video! I was knackered by the end of it so God knows what they must of felt like!

    Those packs were utterly ridiculous but they seemed in great spirits and made for humorous viewing.

    • Their packs definateley made me feel tired watching them carry them Marcus! Still its the getting out and enjoying the hills that matters.

  3. Just found this folks and thought I should shed some light on reasoning for BIG packs. We like carrying heavy packs including at least 10kgs of coal, whisky (a bottle each), tinned curry, crampons, ice axe etc. Plan was to climb a couple of hills but after setting off too late we basically ran out of time so had to abandon original plan and walk out. Had a great time anyway. Glad you liked the film.

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