A new look backpackingbongos

by backpackingbongos

For some reason I just threw caution to the wind and completely changed the look of the blog.  I have recently began to feel that the last layout was too restrictive in terms of its width.  I also have to admit that when I started it well over a year ago that I totally plagiarised blogpackinglight in terms of its layout.  I never imagined that anyone would read it or notice!  Sorry Robin!  I have just found a customisable theme on wordpress and am excited that I will hopefully be able to post larger photos.  I am just about to pack for a weekend in Wales so no time to do a post to test it out properly.  I will tidy up and alter the layout over the coming weeks.  Better or worse? let me know!


7 Comments to “A new look backpackingbongos”

  1. no worries, I didn’t invent the theme. I’ve previewed a few others but never come up with one I’ve wanted to change to.

  2. Hi Robin……I mean James :). Like the look.

  3. Nice, wordpress seems to offer better solutions than blogger. More importantly, however, content is the important part. Keep up the quality reporting.

  4. Good point Roger, quality content is the thing and if people keep coming back there’ a reason for it, which isn’t the layout.

  5. I likes it.

    Want to widen mine and replace my header graphic but it takes time to get it right and experiment. Good work.

  6. Nice revision – very easy on the eye

  7. Cheers for your comments, I will keep the new theme and just have a few tweeks.

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