A backpack of two halves

by backpackingbongos

I returned last night after a superb weekend backpack around the Fforest Fawr area of the Brecon Beacons national park.  Saturday was a scorcher and I got around what would normally be pretty boggy hills without even a hint of mud on my boots.  The day finished with a wild camp high on a hillside just under the 600 metre contour.  That for me is what backpacking is all about.  Sunday was altogether a different proposition.  Persistent rain with low cloud draping the hills meant that almost no views were had.  I decided to cut my losses and shortened my route, finally coming out of the mist which was down to around 400 metres.  I had also forgotten to take my Thyroid meds with me which combined with the weather did not help my mood and energy levels that day!  A return will be in order to complete the circuit.   A write-up after I have finished my Borders ramblings and planned a backpack for this coming bank holiday.  I got to test some great new kit this weekend in the rain too, so some gear based ramblings will also be on its way.  Plenty to keep me busy.  Sometimes the hills get in the way of this blogging lark!

For now a photo of a great wild camp spot.

5 Comments to “A backpack of two halves”

  1. Look forward to it. Look like a sheltered wee spot you’ve got there…

  2. The Fforest Fawr hills are often underrated, which is fine with me – less people there.

  3. Fraser it was a good sheltered spot, unfortunately a little too sheltered as no view from my tent door!

    Geoff, guess what? I got stuck behind another stream of ramblers in a long line. Just my luck!

  4. I don’t want to be a smart-ass, but your camp spot is far from perfect,by the looks of it, if it’s starts raining all the water is gonna run down and collect exactly where your tent was standing. How do I know, because I once pitched in a “perfect spot” like this only to wake up in a puddle.

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