The rough tough Rhinogs

by backpackingbongos

My knees hurt, my boots are ripped and I have a hole in the bum of a brand new pair of trousers.  That is what happens after spending a wonderful bank holiday in the company of the Rhinogs!  Three of us set off from Llanelltyd starting the three days in the gentle company of the New Precipice walk.  The main course soon moved onto the southerly peak of Diffwys before traversing our way through each and every summit to the northerly peak of Foel Penolau.  In between is some of the roughest ground that you will come across in the UK, especially the canyonlands between the Roman steps and Clip.  The terrain was so rough that on the second day we spent ten hours crossing little more than six miles.  That day was concluded by me being swallowed up by a man sized hole in between the heather and knackering up my leg.

A trip report in the near future once I have finished writing up all my recent forays into the hills.  In the meantime a panorama taken just before we ascended Rhinog Fach, with Graham finishing a scramble on the slabs above the jewel that is Llyn Hewel.


6 Comments to “The rough tough Rhinogs”

  1. I’ve never done any walking outside Scotland, but this looks tempting. Nice and rugged without looking too scary [I say that now, sitting n the sofa… 😉 ]

    • It’s really rugged and not too scary at all, but if you loose the path it would be hellish and possibly hairy as crags seem to appear out of nowhere.

  2. Between Rhinog Fawr and Moel Ysgyfarnogod is superbly wild and rough, but extremely unpleasant if you lose (or are not aware of) the good way through!.

    • It is amazing terrain Geoff and we were lucky to find ‘the’ path and stick to it nearly all the way. Without it we would probably still be out there trying to find our way down and out of one of the canyons………………

  3. Looking forward to another Ripping Yarn (sorry) in the near future. Must get in some Welsh hills in the near future. Lovely image of the very poetically described Jewel of Lyn Hewel.

    • I cant recommend Wales highly enough Pete, although if I lived where you do then the Highlands would be more of a draw for me.

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