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May 5, 2010

Dirty Sh*t*ers

by backpackingbongos

Ok time for a quick rant.  I will keep this brief but I need to get it off my chest.

An individual or a group decides that it would be nice to spend a night in the countryside wild camping.  They pick a spot, nice and remote, stunning views and miles away from the nearest road.  With heavy rucksacks they toil through the hills to their chosen spot and set up camp.  Then for some reason I cannot fully grasp they then decide to go and have a crap in the stream, and not just the once.  Not content with polluting the water supply they then scatter their surroundings with rubbish, not just a packet or two but enough to fill a bag with.

Scenario two has a walker hiking through the countryside when their walking pole bends.  Do they pop it in their rucksack to take home and either mend or dispose of?  No, why not just throw it on the floor instead?

Last weekend a stunning backpack was interrupted by these moronic intrusions at the start and end of our walk.  What exactly goes on in peoples heads?  I am sure that for some people it is just a buzzing noise that just happens to be located beneath a stupid haircut.

Rant over.

To make this post balanced here is a picture of how ramblers should look like.  I recon that they would pick up their litter and bury their poo.