Dirty Sh*t*ers

by backpackingbongos

Ok time for a quick rant.  I will keep this brief but I need to get it off my chest.

An individual or a group decides that it would be nice to spend a night in the countryside wild camping.  They pick a spot, nice and remote, stunning views and miles away from the nearest road.  With heavy rucksacks they toil through the hills to their chosen spot and set up camp.  Then for some reason I cannot fully grasp they then decide to go and have a crap in the stream, and not just the once.  Not content with polluting the water supply they then scatter their surroundings with rubbish, not just a packet or two but enough to fill a bag with.

Scenario two has a walker hiking through the countryside when their walking pole bends.  Do they pop it in their rucksack to take home and either mend or dispose of?  No, why not just throw it on the floor instead?

Last weekend a stunning backpack was interrupted by these moronic intrusions at the start and end of our walk.  What exactly goes on in peoples heads?  I am sure that for some people it is just a buzzing noise that just happens to be located beneath a stupid haircut.

Rant over.

To make this post balanced here is a picture of how ramblers should look like.  I recon that they would pick up their litter and bury their poo.

18 Responses to “Dirty Sh*t*ers”

  1. Crap in a stream!. What the f&%£ is wrong with people. Things like that will ruin wildcamping in the National parks very quickly.

  2. unbelievable……..!

  3. I ditto Dave’s sentiments! The problem is that its not just irresponsible wild campers but general day walkers too and this is indeed very bad for the hills and our hobby as a whole.

  4. How about getting dry toilets installed? Just an idea – it is working here…

    Otherwise I can not understand what kind of morons would do such a thing. I reckon you picked up the rubbish and poles and put them where they belong?

  5. Moronic indeed.
    I just can’t understand the mentality of some people.

  6. Unbelievable the things some people do.
    They’ll be voting for the BNP today I have know doubt!!!
    Almost the same as sh#ting in a stream.

    I always use a filter/purifier for my water, just to be on the safe side.

    Once came across a dirty nappy on the summit off Foel Fras. Makes you wonder!!!

  7. What can I say that hasn’t been said. Another good reason to always purify water to be on the safe side. I’ve started taking an extra plastic bag with me to pick up litter.

  8. Indeed it is a sad day when people use our wild places as a toilet and a rubbish dump. On most walks I do I end up bringing back at least on piece of litter. Good to see that people get as cross about this sort of thing that I do.

  9. The dirty buggers. Orta be hung, drawn and decimated. Like the pic of Andy Howell’s readership by the way…..

  10. I just don’t understand, aren’t these people going out for a walk to see some beautiful countryside. And then they decide to ruin it for everyone else. Well saw quite a bit of crap around Yes Tor last time we were there. Disgusting.

  11. Fantastic! Rambling Rant Forum! Seriously though, shit actually in the stream? Perhaps the culprit was a rather literally-minded bastard who had read that you shouldn’t shit near streams.

    While we’re at it, i’d like to throw my pet hate into the mix – people who leave rubbish, especially empty bottles, in bothies and mountain refuges. You carry, say a bottle of whisky, all the way to a bothy empty its contents into yourself and suddenly it’s less than half its former weight, but mysteriously far too heavy to carry away again. Listen, a bothy does not need 187 ‘candle holders’!

    Rant over. Thanks for your compassion and understanding.

  12. I agree with hendrik – put the pole where it belongs ;p

    A classic case of what my nanna called ‘sh*tting in their own nest’…Its the watershed people, don’t use it for a toilet, y’all have to drink it you muppets. It beggars belief really.

    I too now take a bag with me to clear up after, even DoE groups in wales leave the place in a reet ole state, and that’s supposed to be an education.

    all the best, a great rant, a top picture and a lovely blog


    • Thanks for your kind words Dave. Yep I never shit in my kitchen or in my bedroom and definately dont shit by the tap where I get my water. I think that there are too many stupid people about and they should just stay at home. I love a good rant me!

  13. its a tempting conclusion to come to i’ll admit, but not sure willing them to stay home is an answer – i bet they won’t anyway!

    I think its got to lie in education, and I know you have positive views on this, not just the usual ‘bally grammar school, duke of edin’b gold award BS that only serves to reinforce the usual UK class cage we’re all labouring in and under. Walking is enough of a m/c pursuit as it is.

    how do we get there? that’s what is preoccupying my head alot of the time at the mo – Its not enough to shake our heads in disbelief, although i do find myself doing that too! It would be great to talk to you, maybe Martin, and any others with a working interest in this, in more depth sometime…

    best again, yrs really is one of the best blogs on t’internet for our kinda thing, and not too kit obsessed! – I’m seriously thinking about stealing yr rhinogs route, one last blast before teaching work starts again.

    • Dave it is education, education, education. Do schools take youngsters out in the countryside these days simply to see the countryside? I think that if people don’t understand and respect something then they do not treat it right. Unfortunately all the little pots of funding out there that allowed me to take homeless and vulnerable adults into the countryside has now all dried up, the government decided that they need to be in work now. They can’t possibly spend money on inreasing peoples confidence and motivation and teaching them basic skills. I voted with my feet and left and now advocate on the behalf of people who use homeless services. I miss taking people into the hills who had never left the City. If you want to talk more in depth I am more than willing………….

      Please steal the Rhinogs route as it was a great one. And once again thanks for the kind words!


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