A free pass for Spotify to give away

by backpackingbongos

A quick diversion from backpacking dribble………………

Over the last three months the way that I have been listening to music has changed dramatically.  I joined Spotify and signed up for a premium account.  This allows me to stream pretty much any album that has been released (there are some glaring omissions though, for example Pink Floyd) through my home computer.  My tastes are pretty eclectic and I have managed to find nearly everything I have been looking for.  This has been handy for getting to know bands I have never heard of that are playing a festival I will be attending in the summer.  The main reason why I signed up for the premium service is that you can cache over 3000 tracks onto your iPhone to use offline.  I now have a constantly changing music collection that I can change on a whim and listen to without an internet collection.  Great for a long car collection.

There is a free edition that allows the user to stream the entire collection onto their computer, the only problem is that you need an invite credit to sign up.  I have a free credit to give away.  If you fancy it just leave a comment saying what album you would listen to if you won.  I will pick the album that I like the sound of the most.

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6 Comments to “A free pass for Spotify to give away”

  1. George Thorogood’s Move it On Over, mainly for the tracks Cocaine Blues and Who Do You Love?

  2. My Dinosaur Life by Motion City Soundtrack check out track 2!

  3. I already have Spotify, I managed to get it without an invite somehow a while back. However my album would be Everything Remains (As It Never Was) by Eluveitie.

  4. Another Spotify Premium user here, and I’d invite you to check out (& subscribe) to this Playlist which Phil, Steven & I mixed 😀

  5. Just at the minute, Magic Chairs by Efterklang

  6. Hey

    I’ve been looking at spotify for a while now, but as a student I really don’t know whether to drop 5/10 bucks a month on it.

    Does anyone have an invite they can send me, so I can check out the free version?

    @ simon.kirbster (at) gmail.com

    Thanks, and all the best.

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