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June 3, 2010

A luxury too far?

by backpackingbongos

I have been doing a lot of internet shopping over the past couple of days getting last minute bits and pieces for a week long trip to the Isle of Mull.  The usual stuff like maps, spare battery for the camera.  That sort of thing.  I am going to treat the trip as an easy going relaxing holiday so will not be backpacking.  I will be using the van as my home for the week, hopefully on idyllic ‘wild’ campspots along the coast or next to remote lochs.  I then started to think about toilet arrangements.  Is it really environmentally sound to be nipping off into a wood with an orange trowel every day (on camping food sometimes two, three, four…………)?  Probably not.  What do I do if spending the night at the edge of a village so that I can eat out or have a pint or two?  Gets more difficult to be discreet!  I therefore finally splashed out on a tiny little porta loo.  Embarrassingly it has the words ‘potti’ in the title, something that I have not used for many many years!