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June 7, 2010

It all going Pete Tong

by backpackingbongos

Its been one of those days.

I drove to sunny Mansfield and back this morning so that I could attend a service user led meeting.  I noticed that the Bongo was making a noise it has never made before.  I dislike new noises in vehicles because they usually indicate that they are just about to break.  This got me worrying as I am setting off after work on Friday to drive to the Isle of Mull.  When you have an 800 mile plus round trip that includes an expensive ferry you don’t want to be breaking down.  When your vehicle is also your hotel you really really don’t want it breaking down.  I diagnosed a blown exhaust, my local garage confirmed this and will be sticking it on a ramp somewhere tomorrow to see what’s what.  I’m not sure if a blown exhaust is serious or not?  It looks like I may have to try and order parts off t’internet get them to the garage and get it mended by Friday.  My fingers are crossed.

To throw another spanner in the works the main road into Oban looks like it is going to be shut for the forseeable future.  There is a train dangling in the trees above it after becoming derailed last night.  Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.  Looks like a hefty detour through Glen Coe so it will be the usual trying to drive with a face full of slack eyed wonder at the mountains above………………Thats if the Bongo is better.