Some upcoming gear reviews

by backpackingbongos

It has recently occurred to me that I have been neglecting the whole gear thing on this blog recently.  In fact it was last November since I have even mentioned the dreaded ‘G’ word.  The problem is that the great outdoors has been getting in the way and with the trip posts I have not really had the time.  Thats not to say that I am not a bit of a gear freak (which I most definitely am) it’s just that I don’t find it that exciting to write about.  However over the last few months I have made a few purchases which have been getting lots of use.  So in the next few weeks look out for my ramblings on the following:

ULA Catalyst rucksack – I have had it for nearly a year now, is it the perfect backpacking sack?

Haglofs Lynx Pants – are they as slinky and stretchy as they look?

Rab Demand pull on – is this ultralight waterproof as breathable as they say it is?

Paramo Velez trousers – are they as badly made as people have suggested?

Salamon Fastpackers – are they giving me comfortable tootsies?

Rab Cirrus pull on – can a 76g windproof be any good?

PHD Hispar 500 sleeping bag – a full winter later, how warm and comfy was it?

There are other bits and bobs that will get a mention plus don’t miss a review of the lightest carrying devise ever invented.

Oh and before I forget I may even do a write up especially for Robin of the porta potti, he says he is looking forward to seeing one.  Maybe to use in the porch of his Scarp?

3 Comments to “Some upcoming gear reviews”

  1. What’s the weight comparison with the Ibbo poo trowel? No action pictures for the porta potti please!

  2. Catalyst is superb but a bit big. The new Ohm is fascinating and looks good. I’m using the Condiuit now when I’m walking solo.

    Velez Trousers — superb if you have a good pair!

    • Looks like ULA have changed the names of some of their packs, the conduit does not seem to exist on their website now (maybe called the CDT?). I got a duff pair of Velez and had to do some sewing!

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