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July 1, 2010

Another body part fails me

by backpackingbongos

Damn it I am not even forty yet and my body is beginning to fall apart.  I have suffered the indignity of an underactive Thyroid gland for a while now which basically means that hills are starting to look much bigger than they did a couple of years ago.  One side effect being a new comedy belly which has made me start thinking about doing some sit up type things to make it go away.  Bit of a catch 22 because a major symptom is trying to muster up energy to get up off my arse.  It’s not that long ago that I was a wild eyed eight stone dreadlocked creature that ate hills for breakfast.  I now seem to spend more time looking at the view than eating up the miles…….

…..except that those hills have been looking just a little bit blurred of recent.  The optician has told me that I need to wear some sort of contraption on my face that stops things looking blurry.  Can’t remember what she called them now but they probably make me look like this…..

Although I am sure my partner will actually see this……