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July 18, 2010


by backpackingbongos

Today was an ordeal.  Last night we pitched our tents on the south ridge of Arenig Fawr at 690 metres above sea level.  A great evening was spent climbing to the summit to take in the huge sunset views.  Just after midnight it started to slide down hill, a big wet and windy down hill.  Come first light I was lying in a thrashing Akto that sounded like it was being blasted by a  firemans hose in a wind tunnel.  The temperature started to rise and the humidity made everything inside damp.  I began to fear a thunderstorm, not good on an exposed ridge.  Just after 7.30am I got up and woke my friend and suggested we move off sharpish.  Thankfully a thunderstorm never arrived but the wind and rain was horrendous as we struggled with map and compass to get off the hill, navigation skills were tested to the limit.  Modern clothing technology was no match for the Welsh rain, even my underpants were uncomfortably soaking wet.  I fear I have an adult version of nappy rash!  We spent five hours in the weather and there was not even a glimpse of joy, just grim determination to get back to the van and put dry pants on.

The day before was nice though, a full write up when the Isle of Mull series is finished.