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July 19, 2010

Bilberry fingers

by backpackingbongos

On Saturday I was clumsily sliding my way down a very steep vegetated slope.  There was a fair amount of vegetation scrambling taking place, taking my life in the hands of some poor plant clinging to the thin soil.  At the bottom I noticed that my hands were rather purple.  This means that summer is drawing on and bilberry which covers some of our uplands is fruiting.  The heather is just about coming out and our moorlands will soon look at their best.  Unfortunately in my mind this means that summer is slipping away.  I must get out for more backpacks before those nights start drawing in again.

Talking of bilberry fingers have you ever met salad fingers?  Now this is wrong on so many levels and if you are of a nervous / sensitive disposition please do not go any further.  Dark, creepy and ever so slightly scary.  This has absolutely nothing to do with hiking or backpacking.  There is a whole series out there to explore………………