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August 11, 2010


by backpackingbongos

Today I received an expensive pair of underpants, but more about my pants another time.  No what struck me apart from how small they are is the stupidly excessive amount of packaging that they came in.  I have seen pants on a hanger and even pants wrapped in plastic but never encased in 124 grammes of very shiny glossy cardboard (yes I was so cross that I was sad enough to weigh it).  First there is the what looks like an oversized VHS case, this then slides into a slightly bigger VHS type case with two extra fold out flappy bits.  Then to make matters worse every spare inch is covered in the most over hyped marketing bullshit that I have ever had the misfortune to read.  Apparently they are, “Close fitting with a stimulating effect”.  How they are going to stimulate me I hate to think, maybe that is why they are so expensive?  Apparently they also make wearing a backpack easier which is nice to know.  There is even a little graph showing how they will resist bacterial growth.  Then there is the picture of a guy wearing the garment who I am sure is massively out of proportion in the trouser proportion.  I now feel a little inadequate.

Hopefully the pants will be nice, I will wear them for 3 days without removing them this weekend on a backpack.  I may even draw a graph with the amount of bacteria that is found afterwards.  If you are really lucky you may even get a review which is truly pants…………..

Oh by the way the culprit is X Bionic.

Now to get a photo of me wearing them, they look great with my comedy belly.