Tarptent Scarp1 update

by backpackingbongos

Credit to Henry at tarptent.  I got a response from him within 30 minutes of me sending my email.  He gave sincere apologies and will be sending me another fly.  Fingers crossed that all goes well and that in a couple of weeks I will be sitting on a hillside in a nice shiny new tent (that does not leak!).  I do hope that after a negative gear post I will be able to do a positive review of the Scarp1 in the near future.


14 Comments to “Tarptent Scarp1 update”

  1. Glad to hear Tarptent are sorting you out, hopefully promptly. I’ve looked at their range for some time and been tempted and your experience wouldn’t put me off as anyone can make a mistake (a pretty serious one in this case it has to be said)

    Full marks to you for being up front about it though, a surprising number of people would keep a lid on it in. Always good to see someone serving the community rather than the retailers/manufacturers.

    Hope all is sorted ASAP.

    Regards, Richard

  2. Mistakes do happen Richard, its just a shame when it happens to you. I prefer to tell it as it is, I truely wanted to say good things about the Scarp and hopefully I will when I get the new fly. No point in hiding stuff.

  3. Well done James, as they say ‘shy bairns get nowt’. It’s reassuring to know that some manafacturers care enough about their products and their customers to sort this kind of issue out as a priority. I’ve had a few tents from Terra Nova over the years, which have been great as a rule, but their customer service dept. haven’t responded at all on two occassions when I’ve had queries (replacement fly sheet, crap tent bag). So, I’m inclined to take my business elsewhere next time. In this instance, all credit to Mr Henry Tarptent for sorting it out,

  4. There is a weird thing about some backpackers shelling out money on kit and then, when it performs badly or is poorly made, saying nothing about it. I suppose it’s embarrassment? I recently shelled out £300 for the Vaude Power Lizard and cannot get on with it. I made that clear in a detailed review which is the third most viewed post on the JT. Additionally it has some design flaws which I will collate and tell Vaude about. However, the chap I hike with loves it so we’ll get a lot of use out of it. It’s great that we all post about the superb kit we buy but we should also post about the rubbish too. Henry Shires has enhanced his reputation within his customer base by dealing with this honourably and swiftly.

  5. Pete, I recently had some really good customer service from Terra Nova when my Comp tent failed in a summer storm. I posted it off and they repaired it free of charge even though it was 2 or 3 years old.

    Maz, it is true you don’t read many blog reviews where they mention how crap a product is!

  6. Glad you talked to him. Henry seems like a good guy. He helped me and my hiking partner get our Squall in time for a big trip. I’ll be interested to hear the results from testing your Tarptent once you get the new one. My results have been mixed.

    • Hey Addy, I am looking forward to getting the Tarptent out into the mountains. Will do a post once it has been out a few times. How are you getting on with the Squall now? I have to admit to prefering the security of a full tent here in the UK as it is often very wet and windy with a lack of shelter. Nice website btw, I will be doing some reading over the next few days.

  7. Extraordinary!. I suppose every manufacturer turns out the odd dud once in a while.
    I can’t remember if it was TN or Hilleberg, but the name of the individual who checked it before shipment was stated on a tag.

  8. Good to hear it is being sorted but you guys seem more forgiving than me. Any kind of check should have found those faults. The photos were shocking and reputation damaging.

    Geoff, my Akto has the name of its maker sewn in. Tarptent could do with that kind of accountability, because the problems could be coming from one person on the production line. But they should pitch everything before it goes out. A past Hilleberg catalogue showed a photo of a tent pitched on a table and a caption claiming that every tent sent out had to get past a check on that table. This step may add cost but would it be a deal breaker for Tarptent? As I understand it, they would still have the two door advantage over similar tents.

    • John in my head they have not been forgiven until I receive a shiny new flysheet, all nicely sewn and seam sealed! They are still being cursed. A good idea about sewing in the name of the person who made it, there is then a finger to point and could install pride in what that individual is making. I may suggest that to Henry at Tarptent……….

  9. I thought of you this weekend at the PCT Trail Days. Tons of thru-hikers were camping out, getting to know one another, and testing gear. It was a great time. The reason I thought of you was because almost everybody had Tarptent. It was crazy! And everybody had good things to say about them.

    It was encouraging to me. I hope your next test with the Tarptent goes well. Either way, looking forward to the review.

    • Its always nice to be thought of Addy! Sounds like a great event, did you take lots of photos for your blog? I hope to get mine out in October for test run, will do a review once it has been out a couple of times in bad weather (we get alot of that in the UK!). How is it going with yours?

      • I didn’t take pictures and now I’m kicking myself!
        Things are getting better with my Tarptent. Right now, my hiking partner is using it on a trip and I will be joining her for the last 100 miles. I’m curious to see how it performs with the two of us in it together. Crossing my fingers.

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